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Watts Truck & Van: Focus on John Raymond Transport

We got a great write up from Watts Truck & Van

The company has, in many ways, reflected the wider UK economy with the earlier years being dominated by heavy manufacturing, and in particular, the steelworks of South Wales. The company built on their experience and have gone on to service a wide range of customers that include retailers, food and drink manufacturers, and paper and building material specialists. In September 2016, John Raymond Transport was acquired by Irish based transport company, Nolan Group. Founded more than 50 years ago, Nolan Group has grown to be one of Europe’s leading transport companies by scale and the shared resources and synergies within the group has added strength and resilience to John Raymond Transport. With over 485 transportation units carrying more than 50,000 loads annually it is important for the company to have reliable, cost effective vehicles. And for more than 25 years, John Raymond Transport have been using mainly DAF vehicles to ensure t…